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So I have started to make jewellery is anyone supriced?

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This is totally Jen Crossleys fault 😀 her blog was the first I visited after Tim Holtz . So I blame her 😉 Love u Jen. She has been a source for inspiration and a good friend for my first babysteps in this world of mixed media art. Hoping someday to attend one of her classes but the lass lives down under so that is a future project.  Only thing missing is Ice Resin then it will be finished. So this one is for u Jen 🙂

Until next time dear friends Live Hard and Dangerous


Today´s song is Pixies “Where Is My Mind” white ppl love the Pixies.


The Official Beer of the Summer of 2010

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Sailor Beer ofc 🙂


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So after having a total and nasty creation block. I´m glad to present my first familyalbum. My mother past 8 years ago and I took it hard. Now I have started to sort all old photoalbums from that side of the family. In the first album I intend to keep photos from 1920 to 1960. The things u discover when u start to puzzle the peices together I know my granmother worked in Germany for a Jewish artist. She fleed when the war started. What become of the artist I don´t know but I do know that my family took up the contact with his family after the war. Sadly there is no one alive to tell about it. Hoping to discover more when I go through the albums. Some are marked on the backside with names and places. Well that´s all for know hope to finish something more soon. We´ll see.

Until next time dear friends Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D

Today´s song is Loue Reed “Perfect Day”


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Sometimes u are just damn lucky, the scissors i found laying in a garage on the ground. Finders keepers I might add it was in a public garage. Then I found a lovely little junkshop in a back ally in Uddevalla  there I found the iron for 40 kr ( about 6 dollars ) It will serve well as a bookpress for me and it looks awesome.