I´m a PEZ born loser forever dirt…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2010 by evilintent

Well not having the best day in my life so why not use the negative to something creative. Started with a Schrek PEZ and added green stuff to model with then a little paint and a customized interior. It now holds 7 pills one for each day in the week. Looks more fun then the boring stuff from the pharmacy….

Need to get some sleep insomnia is my best friend right now. That is a nor good mood swings will be bigger if I dont get good sleep….

As always Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D


Remember your Medc M8!

Posted in Shadowboxes on September 2, 2010 by evilintent

Well sick so some time to create stuff and did this little box just to remember to take my medicin. Now back to bed and getting well.

Take care and as always Live Hard and Dangerous


For a Friend…

Posted in Shadowboxes on August 16, 2010 by evilintent

A little collage for a friend…quite pleased. Not my best day. My old whiplash makes me stiff lake a slow dancing teenager on a schooldance. So some painkillers and then bed….:/

Until next time Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D


Posted in Findings on August 15, 2010 by evilintent

Yea funny thing walked by a bizzare secondhand store in Haga in Gbg. The guy was clearly quite heavy on the bottle but a sweet old  Gizer. He wanted to haggle but I just didn´t do it right ended up giving me a low low price. He had a box full of old street number signs so naturally i grabbed 13 and paid. Plan is to let a pinstriper to do some sweet lines on it 🙂

Summer draws to a end…

Posted in ATC on August 15, 2010 by evilintent

So time to get creative again. My mind always travels during the summer get loads of insperation but nothing done. We have so few days of light so want to make the most of them. What ells is new its official I will go back to school and train to be a cook quit thrilled actually finally doing something useful that can lead to a job.

With that kind of job u can choose your work hours or go freelance if u want to. Love it. Never again will I be tie downed to a big corp to hell with the 200 000 dollar year salary. As long as I have food on the table and some money over for mixed media and Ink I will be just fine…

So my notebook is full with ides and I wane learn more about jewelery making. Just need to finance it hm…..Dan Giggalo? LOL no all i due time I´m young…or something.

As always Live Hard and Dangerous

/love D

Today´s song well what about Bryan Adams “Summer of 69” haha

My Little Eyes Spy

Posted in Jewellery on June 23, 2010 by evilintent

Still using leftover´s. Liberating and hard. Tired today.

Live Hard and Dangerous


Oh Shit!

Posted in Jewellery on June 22, 2010 by evilintent

Sneak preview more photos to come. I like the green and gold…need to get Flakes O.o15 and some good pinstripe paint and ofc a brush. Why cant I score on the lottery… hm maybe if I start to play *thinks* Have projects on mass just not the material.

Laters Friends as always Live Hard and Dangerous