Leftovers turns in to something new…

Posted in Jewellery on June 20, 2010 by evilintent

Having leftovers for dinner. Almost anyway when I looked at my “organized” workspace I decided to have leftovers for dinner. This is the result a necklace or a pendant have not decided yet will suck on that for a while. Would be a great center piece for a shadowbox. Very pleased with the straight razor built from scratch. Used Perfect Pearls for the handle and a bit of plastic. Then heavy grinding and some bonk bonk with the hammer voila…. To dark for good pictures will update in the morning. U don´t see the blood on the razor my old trick of Distress ink (Fire Brick) let it dry for a while and then Glossy Accents on it and it turns to good looking blood.

Guess thats all my friends. Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D

Today´s song is Burn “Try to get Home”


Butterfly eyes…

Posted in Jewellery on June 15, 2010 by evilintent

Summer draws my attention. Harder to be in doors working when the sun shines. And let´s face it we don´t have that much sunhours a year (and we got polarbeers in the streets *s* it´s true…) Last time I used Gesso and AlcoInks not that durable. This time a spec metal glue and mixed it up with AlcoInks. And yes happy D.

I have decided to build a ratrodbike I mean why not. To take a motorcycle licens cost more then a Winter Olympics. Then I don´t have the money to buy a cycle either status Q. So why not build a bitching bike instead and in the same breath learn to weld. I will post updates on that to. No hurry though.

Guess that all folks until Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D

Today´s song is Royal Republic “Tommy-Gun”

Structure and necklace

Posted in Jewellery on May 31, 2010 by evilintent

I did not decorate this piece so much just because it was all about structure. A friend told me that u can order a solution u put on metal to get different effects like rust, aging copper etc. Well let´s just say I don´t bathe in money at the moment so time to get creative. In a way it is liberating not having all the tools and spec effect mojos. Just your brain and tricks. So meet Gesso and AlcoInks and a little plastic bag for structuring the gesso and voila. Simple bot not so lasting so I put a “healthy” layer of vanish on it.

That´s all folks until next time Live Hard and Dangerous

xox D

Today´s song is Anna Ternheim “Shoreline”

A Book …

Posted in Book´s on May 20, 2010 by evilintent

Just did a test with the “new” rulers i got. I like it just gone try some more advanced patterns on stitches next time. Well summers at the door here in Sweden. Finally some sun and a fresh warm breeze. Guess I´m in some kind of dip don´t have the energy to write that much today.

As always Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D

New neckless….

Posted in Jewellery on May 15, 2010 by evilintent

My first try soldering. It´s a spoon and a shaft from a fork….. Will out up more pictures later just to tired right now. And need to rest.

Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D

Today´s song is theCure “Lullaby”

Findings and a sneak preview

Posted in Findings on May 10, 2010 by evilintent

Meet my new friend he loves the camera and I don´t mind at all. I have a plan for him and some Ice Resin… more to come on that later this spring. Rulers can u get to many?  I think not anyone telling u other vice is just plain stupid. I will get to work on them this weekend. Btw 50 kr ( around 8 dollars ) for all five. And a sneak on my latest project just showing u the back….don´t want to spoil it mohaha. Around friday it should be finished. Hang in there 😉

As always Live Hard and Dangerous

Love /D

Today´s song is Pavement “Gold Soundz”

King for a day fool for a lifetime?

Posted in Jewellery on May 6, 2010 by evilintent

Trial and error is the way to go when u exploring a new mixed media. So why not combine a fork and a spoon. I´m pleased with the result considering my lack of knowledge and gear. Hoping to find some cool spoons on saturday when the local fleamarket is open. Then we will see what manic boys with dremels can do……

Live Hard and Dangerous
Love /D

Today´s song is Placebo “Running up That Hill” still love the original version with Kate Bush