Oh Shit!

Sneak preview more photos to come. I like the green and gold…need to get Flakes O.o15 and some good pinstripe paint and ofc a brush. Why cant I score on the lottery… hm maybe if I start to play *thinks* Have projects on mass just not the material.

Laters Friends as always Live Hard and Dangerous



7 Responses to “Oh Shit!”

  1. Green and Gold for Australia Mate thats our colours LOL.I love this piece Dan so cool and quiet a HOOT (I know I sux)
    what material are you wanting I can sponser a starving Swedish artist?

  2. Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi…LOL Another fabulous creation Dan..

  3. lillnettan Says:

    Haha, sweet! Lööve it. 🙂

  4. Så fuckin’ klockrent. Å högaktuellt! *säger inge mer* 😉

    Å vadå. Måste man spela för att vinna? Jag har hört det sägas, men…

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